03 February 2010

Anna update!

Happy B-day, Mama! Claire was significantly past naptime in this pic, so was being a stinker, but I thought it was still a good pic of the rest of us!

Anna got to spend some QT with Nana, Aunt Betty, and G-dad for Grandmom's B-day. She was so alert for Nana here, I had to get a pic!

I braved my first solo trip with both girls today, and do hereby deem it a success. Of course, I didn't have to be at Anna's doctor appointment until 9:30, and it was a very chill waiting room with a TV on Nick Jr. BUT I consider myself quite the conqueror still, since I was up with Anna last night from about 3 to 5:30--feeding and then a major tummy attack. Oh yeah, and I also chose that time to watch the 2-hour LOST premiere, which actually ran about 30 minutes past when Anna fell back asleep! Note to self: If this tummy problems continue (which I obviously hope they don't), keep DVR stocked with shows to watch in the middle of the night.

Anyway, I told Anna and Claire's pediatrician about these attacks, and that Mylicon and Gripe Water do nothing for them, and she gave some prescription drops for stomach pains, and recommended I try cutting out dairy. YIKES!! I've been tracking my diet and when she has these tummy attacks for the past couple days, and I seriously have milk, yogurt, cheese, or ice cream with or after EVERY MEAL!! I will at least try it for three or four days, and earnestly hope (I dare not pray over something so silly) that dairy is not my baby's problem!

Anna is now two weeks old and up to 8lbs 7oz and in otherwise great shape, according to the doc.

In other news, Claire has reverted to her baby sleep habits of needing Jay or me to stay with her until she is asleep or almost. I have been indulging this, knowing she is probably just needing some extra mommy and daddy touch time, but yesterday it was pretty chaotic when Anna had a tummy attack right at Claire's naptime, so Claire was stuck singing to her dollies and reading EVERY BOOK in her bedside book basket (I would say a good 25 books) for an hour plus while I stayed on the other end of the house trying to hold Anna in every position imaginable to give her some degree of comfort. I would have just let Claire get up after that, but by the time I got Anna to sleep, Claire was asleep too, and I felt in dire need of a nap of my own!! Speaking of which, I think I shall retire for some much-needed zzzzs. Any advice on how to get Claire back into her big-girl bedtime routine is welcome.

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