24 January 2010

At home with the girls!

Anna is five days old today, and we're all doing well. Claire has been home with us since Friday, and so far, being mother of two has been a wonderful thing! Of course, there have been a few times when both girls needed me at once, especially at Claire's naptime, when she's used to having my full attention. Anna mostly just sleeps, waking up to eat, fill her diaper, or put up with whatever torture I have in store for her (changing clothes, sponge bath, medicines). She's had a stuffy nose ever since she was born, and a nurse gave me some saline solution for it, so I've been doing that and the bulb syringe--both very tricky since neither instrument will fit into her tiny nostrils, and since they both usually need to be administered several times in the middle of the night. But so far it seems she will sleep anywhere: swaddled in her bassinet at night, in her swing or Boppy during the day, and of course, curled up in an admiring relative's arms. She is doing well nursing about every three hours, often four at night.

Claire is doing well with Anna, but for a lot of the time we've been at home, I've had someone else at home with me to give her attention, too. Every time she wakes up, it seems like it's a delightful surprise to have a Baby Sister again. She comes right over to her and "pets" and nuzzles her. She likes holding her, but usually only for a short time.

I hate to think that on the day after tomorrow I have to leave her to return to class at SE! But it's just one class, so only an hour and a half to two hours, so hopefully it will be okay. Although I am kind of considering wearing her in my sling or Bjorn!

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