11 February 2010


Three weeks old!

This is actually Anna's second bath; she got her first one during Claire's storytime, so no pics of it. As you can see, she's not a fan. Once I finished her face and head and got her paci in though, she was a much happier camper.

Claire was a good helper! Her job was to pour the warm water on Anna's belly.

After I got Anna out, Claire got Piglet and gave him a bath. I find Piglet buckled into Anna's carseat, strapped into her swing, or covered up in her Boppy. Claire has definitely become very into diapering and caring for her babies and Piglet since Anna came along.

Claire and Anna lounging on our bed one morning. Claire started picking Anna up yesterday! She's not allowed to do this when she's standing up, but Anna was in her swing, and Claire leaned over to love on her like she does, and I went about what I was doing in the kitchen. Then Claire said, "I picked her up, Mama!" Then I actually saw her doing this later--yikes! She leaned over into the swing, hugged Anna to her, and then stood up, holding her! Last night, Anna was sleeping in her Boppy on our bed, and she started fussing. Claire went in there to comfort her (we hoped that meant just giving her her paci), and when Jay went in there a couple minutes later, Claire was sitting on the edge of our bed, holding Anna on her own. Jay reacted a little too strongly, saying, "Claire, what are you doing? Put her down!" Claire reacted just as strongly, saying, "She had a bad dream!" Haha.

Saying she had a bad dream is Claire's new stalling tactic for going to bed. I'll hear her reading her books continuously, and then little footsteps, and she's in the living room, saying she had a bad dream. She doesn't seem to get that you have to be asleep to have a dream.

Trying to get a beauty shot of our baby doll, but she always seems to grimace when I point the camera at her! At least you can tell she has light hair in this picture. See any resemblance to her namesake daddy? We've gotten that comment more with her than we did with Claire, although I think she really looks a lot like Claire's baby pictures.

I was much more dogged in my photo sessions with Claire--cuter expression! But they look alike, I think!


not so zen momma said...

I haven't even thought of Van picking up the new baby!!! Now I'm paranoid - should I try to get him to practice on stuffed animals?

The pictures are so sweet. I've been washing all our newborn clothes while reminiscing about Van as a baby. It seems so long ago, I almost wonder if I remember how to take care of a newborn.

Audrey said...

Yeah new pictures! Thanks for posting them. They are precious!