14 February 2010

An attempt to get a family picture!

Anna's screaming and Claire's being a stinker!

Let's try getting Claire to hold Anna...nope, she's not going for that, either.

She does want to love on Baby Sister, but does NOT want to have her picture taken doing it...

Maybe next time! The bad thing is, there are so few times when we are all dressed up at the same time! Last night though, Jay and I got to have a Valentine's Day date! Paul and Diane kindly kept the girls, and Anna slept the entire time while Claire tromped them from the Polly room to the computer to the dress-up box. We went to Johnny Carino's and Starbucks. Yum! Claire spent the night at their house while Jay and I ate a yummy chocolate dessert and watched (500) Days of Summer, which I thought was an original, refreshing, well-acted and well-written film. Jay, however, was not so into it, mostly just because he couldn't separate Summer the character from the movie.

Meanwhile, Claire is still being more needy at bedtime than she was before Christmas. But I just have to cherish these times, when she asks to hold my hand while she goes to sleep, lets me stroke her hair, and then when I tell her I'm going to go, but will come back to check on her before I go to bed, and she says, "I'll just wait on you." I'm sure there will be times in coming years when I just wish she would let me do those things, but she won't let me!

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Caleb and Theresa said...

yay for dates! :)

i love imaging hearing claire say "ill just wait on you" so sweet :)