28 February 2010

Good times!

Wow, Anna is changing so much everyday! At six weeks old, she is becoming so much more alert, and has actually started smiling in response to seeing our faces. She is also starting to coo, which is so sweet. She is sleeping 4-5 hours in a row at night, so I usually 'wake up" to feed her twice. Obviously, I'm defining "wake up" very loosely here. Usually the first time I feed her, I've got to be honest, I'm in a very hazy semiconsciousness, and then I wake up a few hours later with her sleeping beside me, wondering when and how much I fed her earlier, and I do a more complete feeding and diaper change. I'm so thankful that removing dairy from my diet seems to have almost totally alleviated her tummy troubles. We rarely have the colicky fits anymore, and they only last 30 minutes or so when we do have them. She's still a bit of a carseat screamer, which can make for some stressful driving. But I might have broken her of that with all the driving we did this weekend!

*Deep breath* Saturday, Claire, Anna, and I went to Coleman to eat lunch at Nana's house, as Uncle Danny, Aunt Neila, and Allie were in from Kansas City. Anna got to meet them and Uncle Mike, who also hadn't seen her yet. Claire got to play with Molly (they enjoyed screaming and running up and down Nana and Grandad's hallway while waving stuffed animals in the air) and Allie (they had crazy hair day, putting their hair in silly styles with Claire's ponytail and clippie bag in the bathroom for probably an hour). That afternoon, Claire got a nice carseat nap while I drove back home and changed clothes, nursed Anna, and then loaded her back up, and Jay and I drove to Sherman. We met our friends Seth and Kara there, and Jay and Seth took Claire to Red Lobster--Jay had a gift card and a major seafood craving, but Kara and I were in a hurry to get back to Durant for a play at Southeastern, so we ate at Chick Fil A. I never have a problem with that place! Then Kara and I hit Target quickly, and drove back to Calera, where we dropped off Anna, and then headed to SE to see Grease the musical. It was so cute! Danny Zuko was a Rob Pattinson lookalike, who was probably a much better dancer and singer than that celeb. White guys dancing slightly awkwardly is much more amusing to me than white guys who can dance perfectly--although I do enjoy that at times, too, as you know from my Dancing with the Stars obsession. While we were watching the play, Jay, Seth, and Claire were fighting the crowds at Chuck E. Cheese. It was finally time for Claire's reward trip there, after having an excellent week with on-time and fit-free naps and bedtimes.

Today after church, Anna and I bebopped out to Coleman again for James and Angel's baby shower. So excited for my cousin James, who is going to have twins McKenna and Kasen in three weeks or less!

Anyway, through all that driving this weekend, Anna did have a couple carseat fits, but also several totally peaceful rides, which is progress.

So obviously, such a newsy post as this indicates procrastination of something much more pressing, so I'd better try to grade some papers before one of my girls wakes up!

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