29 April 2009

Read all about ME!

Audrey tagged me, and much as I hate to do these things, I'm in uber-procrastination mode, so here goes...

8 things I'm looking forward to:

  1. Heaven (just left this one on there from Audrey's!)
  2. Movies coming out! Harry Potter 6, Whip It!, New Moon
  3. Having another baby (BUT no news to tell you on that front, people! Not quite there yet!)
  4. Summer--swimming with Claire, laying out by the pool and reading, etc.!
  5. Beach vacation with friends
  6. Claire's birthday party
  7. Claire being potty-trained
  8. Basically everything. I love my life. I can't think of anything I dread. Maybe grading my final papers for Comp 2. Whoops, sorry to end this one on a bad note. Did I mention I love my life?
8 things i did yesterday:
  1. Taught Comp 2 (Document design Power Point)
  2. Wrote a 700-word story on a very cool Tulsa museum exhibit for Oklahoma Today
  3. Watched Dancing with the Stars results show--Can't believe Ty has more fans than Julianne (and her boyfriend, whatever his name is ;)
  4. Ate shortbread cookies dipped in coffee coffee after dinner (Mine and Claire's new favorite dessert!)
  5. Put Claire's mattress in her room, and put her dolly bed beside it. Stayed with her for 45 minutes until she fell asleep, went back at 5:30 this morning when she started crying, and again at 6:30! And then let her come in bed with me when she came in at like 7:30! You gotta start somewhere, right?
  6. Got on Facebook (when I ran into dead ends on my story!)
  7. Told Jay it was okay if he went fishing
  8. Fixed him dinner at 9:00 when he hadn't eaten all day!! (I think I would be dead.)
8 things I wish i could do: (I tried not to put anything on here that I should be doing, but just don't. Hello! I can turn those wishes into reality!)

1. Play roller derby!
2. Go to a Hollywood movie premiere
3. Get my scuba diving license (SE offers courses every year, but they've been on Wednesday nights for a whole semester every time I've checked!)
4. See Dancing with the Stars live
5. Become an author! (This is not just a wish though; I'm working toward it!)
6. Go snow-skiiing whenever I want
7. See Jay play basketball in high school or college (and have a time travel machine to do it)
8. Use that time travel machine to go to the prom with Zac Efron (now Zac Efron, not year-2000 Zac Efron. I think he would be like 11.)

8 shows i enjoy:
1. Ugly Betty
2. Dancing with the Stars
3. The Office
5. Property Virgins
6. John and Kate Plus 8 (Mostly so I can critique their parenting style and marriage!)
7. The Academy Awards
8. Survivor (some seasons; not this one)

Whoa, I'd kind of like to make another list now! But I can't think of a good one besides your basic fave movies, books, etc. So anyway, I better do something productive.

Whoever wants to do it, do it!

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Holly Beth said...

Just gotta say I love the Zac Efron one!!! :P