24 April 2009

First sno-cone!

It's been so nice out this week that Claire and I got our first sno-cones of the season! Needless to say, Claire loved it. She got tutti-frutti, and she ate/drank almost her entire cup (with the top down, no less)! It was the smallest, $1 size, but still! She peer-pressured me into eating almost all of mine, and I had a bit of a tummy ache afterward. I've been trying to keep her food dye consumption at a minimum since reading all this crazy stuff about Red 40 and dyes in general, but I had to make an exception for a sno cone on that beautiful day!


Audrey said...

Cute! We usually eat silver fox or believe it or not, ours sells, Dye Free snowcones. What does that tell you?

not so zen momma said...

I'm just about to post a pic of Van's first funnel cake. I wonder if our moms kept such good documentation of eating milestones?