12 April 2009

Easter weekend!

We had a great weekend with my family eating, playing, and worshiping together! Whenever our family gets together, I always wish it could go on longer! We did our big lunch and egg hunt in Coleman on Saturday, which worked out perfectly, weather-wise. It was almost 80 degrees and sunny, and Claire actually got little sunburned on her arms (bad mother award, I know!).

Here's Grant giving Claire a head start on locating eggs. (Hey, the other hunters were seven, nine, eleven, and fourteen!)

And she's off!

The first three or four eggs she put in her basket, she would shout, "Yay!" after each one.

Jay and Kyle

Grandmom and Claire with the Ring Pop she loved!

With Amanda, one of Claire's faves she doesn't get to see often enough!

Egg toss! We played through two dozen (raw!) eggs with four or five pairs. Fun!

And Claire's first visit from the Easter bunny was really fun! After she got all her stuff out, she said, "Happy birthday!" And I said, "No, Happy Easter!" and she said, "Thank you, Easter bunny!"


Amanda said...

eek. looks like i'm pulling a britney or lindsey in that pic. let the record show that those are shorts i'm wearing under my dress.

overall lots of good pics :)

Lissa said...

VERY cute pics!! We missed you guys!