09 April 2009

Good Friday to you!

A couple pics from our church Easter egg hunt this past Sunday, and Claire's first experience hunting eggs against other kids. We've been playing egg hunt in the house and yard for about the past month! But what does she do during the real thing? First egg she gets, she has to open it to get the candy! You can see in the first pic, she's holding half an egg with the candy in it! Whenever I say anything about hunting eggs, she says, "Candy?" Mamaw and Papaw play egg hunt with candy in their eggs, so she knows what it's all about already! This was her first exposure to Smarties, which she LOVED!

So anyone know why we call it Good Friday when it's actually the day we mark for Jesus' DEATH? Shouldn't it be the worst Friday EVER? Of all time? God turned away from Jesus and He bore my sins and yours in the worst death imaginable! But then three days later, he arose, and gave us the victory, hurray! But still, that Friday was definitely an all-time low, I think.

We're looking forward to a great weekend with family, starting with Claire and I shopping with Mom and Ty tomorrow for Easter bunny stuff and some warm-weather play clothes. Yay! Tyler also mentioned something about the Hannah Montana movie, but I'm hoping I can use Claire as an excuse to get out of that one!

I also wanted to write down a few funny things Claire has done lately. She's figuring out where Jay and I go when we're not with her, so this week, when I pulled up to Paul and Diane's house, she said, "Mama, school? Bye-bye!" We hadn't even gotten out of the car! Shows how much she misses me when she's at Mamaw and Papaw's!

Then this evening, she was eating dinner and she pointed to Daddy's chair and said, "Daddy, home?" and I said, "Daddy's still working, he'll be home soon." She said, "Daddy working? Colby?" Colby is a young man (I hate to call him a boy b/c I think he's like 24) who helps Jay sometimes, and Claire has for some reason associated him with Daddy's work. So several times now, she's paired "Daddy work" and "Colby."

And I've also taught her to say "No thank you" instead of the "NO!" she had become so fond of, and she's added that one to her standard negative response. Tonight, I had some girlfriends over, and I told her, "Claire, after you go outside with Daddy, he's going to read you books and you'll go night-night." And she turned around and said, "NO! No thank you, Mama!" All the sweetness of that second response negates the rudeness of the first!

She also requests that we pray quite a bit, which I love! It only took me doing it a few times, usually when we're sitting at the table together, and sometimes if we're laying in bed about to go to sleep. Now she'll say, "Pray?" quite often. Other favorite requests/commands from me are "Annie song?", "Jesus song?", "Beast song?", and "Read books, Mommy. Read it."

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