12 May 2009

Claire's birthday party

Sunday was Claire's "main event" birthday party, with a smaller one at Dad's house the previous Tuesday, and one with just Jay, Claire and I, and a test ladybug cake on her actual birthday. But Sunday was the big blowout I had been planning for! Of course, I got NO pictures of my ladybug cake, handmade buggy Happy Birthday poster, or "stick the dot on the ladybug" game. NOPE! Once we started cutting cake, I was in full-on hostess mode and forgot all about posterity! Thank goodness for Audrey, my shutterbug sister-in-law! These are all courtesy her fancy camera!

It was so neat having both sides of the family and our friends, many of which we only ever see separately, in different towns, come together to celebrate Claire turning two! We had guests from Kingston, Calera, Coleman, Edmond, and Durant, of course, all at Paul and Diane's house in Calera! There were seven kids under the age of five, so they had lots of fun playing together. I did a ladybug theme, and even made the cake myself, thank you very much! All the kids got ladybug antenna, most of which were worn for about five seconds. I also attempted to lead the kids through some ladybug-themed games and activities, like the aforementioned stick the dot on the ladybug, ladybug musical leaves, and bug stickers.

However, this was definitely a learning experience in toddler party planning! For example, two-year-olds don't know how to stand in line and wait their turn! Or follow directions longer than two words! Basically, the kids had more fun playing with Paul and Diane's dogs and jumping on their new cellar than enacting my fantasies of a two-year-old ladybug birthday party!

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Audrey said...

We had a fantastic time and you did a great job on the party. Carson is still talking about it and in fact wore his lady bug antennae into Braum's yesterday and everyone smiled! Kerrigan is still playing with her wind up ladybug. It was great!