11 December 2006

20 weeks bump!

Big difference between this month and last, right? Bending over is getting more difficult, and bumping into things is becoming a problem. Also, maternity clothes are now at the top of my shopping list (along with a few remaining Christmas gifts, of course!). I've got several pairs of pants, but most of my tops aren't long enough to cover the banded top of the maternity pants. I've been rocking quite a few ghetto-fab maternity looks with my non-maternity shirts: tunic-style tanks layered underneath dress shirts, longer tops I tug down on all day, etc. Anyhoo, it's all good, and I'm so excited to be over halfway there!

I know our Christmas tree looks like one a college student would have, and that's because it was! We've been pretty lazy and cheap about the whole full-size Christmas tree thing, but since we're starting a family, I'm going to hit the after-Christmas sales this year to grab one of those pre-lit wonders.

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Uncle Matt said...

you look beautiful as a mother to be. Sorry I haven't spoken to you about your big news, but needless to say our family is excited to see you being a mother.
Hopeful to see you guys sometime near New Year's Day.