26 December 2006

Five Christmas celebrations later...

...we are lounging in our Midas-like wealth! Our families have spoiled us this year, and we are lovin' it! To see more of my Christmas pics, look at the album I made on my Yahoo! Photos.

We had Christmas with Jay's brothers and parents first, last Friday night. Great gifts, food, and family time! The next day was spent with Diane's extended family, who traveled to Calera from the Dallas area. The five little boys, aged three to eight, enjoyed farm life, football, and chasing Jay and Uncle Jimmy's golf balls in the pasture.

The next day, Christmas Eve, we started our morning with an unusual Bible class: the electricity was off at church, so we had an impromptu singing in the fellowship hall, where the windows shed enough light to read from our hymnals. The sunlit song service was an unexpected blessing!

That afternoon, Jay and I exchanged our gifts to one another. He surprised me with a beautiful, framed bridal portrait! I requested a framed photo of the two of us from the wedding, but he led me to believe there wasn't time to get that done before Christmas. Jay had a pretty boring Christms from me: some clothes, CDs, aftershave, etc.

That evening, we packed up more gifts and headed to my Dad's house in Pottsboro on Lake Texoma. After dinner, we unwrapped gifts--I got my Dyson!--and Dad, Kyle, Amanda, and Jay played some Hold 'Em. Kyle was losing, so he entertained himself and us by dancing and singing with Dad's five-foot Santa Claus. I'm doing my best to post the video clip of this hilarious show.

After Dad's, we headed out to Coleman to get in our Christmas p.j.'s and take some pictures. I don't have any of these, but Mom got us all OU pajama pants, except Ty, who got a Mr. Incredible outfit. Christmas morning was a bit unusual: we stayed up so late the night before that not even Tyler woke up until 9 a.m.! However, he and Kyle were just as excited as if they'd woken up at 6, like normal. More great gifts: Jay got a king-size Bass Pro gift card, and I got my shows on DVD (Lost and The Office) and tons of cute maternity clothes from my mom and sis.

That afternoon, we went out to Mead to the Shipman/Collins families gathering at Aunt Sheila and Uncle Doug's house. It was great to see the cousins I don't get to see very often, and especially their adorable little boys (Memphis, Noah, Zach, Zeke, and Hudson!).

Today, I'm trying to recover from this sinus thing I've been fighting all weekend, and assimilate all our wealth to our belongings. Tomorrow, it will be the after-Christmas sales, here I come! I've got some Kohl's gift cards that are burning holes in my wallet, and a clearance-priced, full-size, pre-lit Christmas tree with our name written all over it at Target!

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