08 December 2006

We won!

It was the ultimate battle of Jay's loyalties: his alma mater, OC, versus his graduate alma mater SOSU. OC is where he played the best 3.5 years of basketball of his life, experienced the low point of his young life when he suffered a season-ending knee injury, and came back the next year to achieve the honor of NAIA Player of the Year. At SOSU, he earned his Master's degree and worked as graduate assistant and assistant coach for four years, so that today, his first year's recruits are the senior team leaders. Where do his loyalties lie? Well, he says SOSU's victory last night in Edmond felt like a victory to him, so make of that what you will. OC will always have a special place in his heart, but he has relationships with everyone on the current SOSU squad.

We had a great trip to Edmond last night: I stopped and did a couple hours' Christmas shopping in Norman with my sister, who is fighting through her first semester of finals in OU grad school, while Jay hooked up with some SOSU buddies to eat in Bricktown and get to the gym early. I didn't expect to spend much time with Jay at the Eagles Nest, and I didn't; he seems to know all the OC fans, except the students. I, on the other hand, spent some quality time with Kyle, Audrey and Carson, and Brian, my sister, brothers-in-law and nephew. However, it was a little surreal to watch at least part of an SOSU game sitting beside Jay, something I've never done before! He even got interviewed on the radio during halftime.

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