13 November 2006

16 weeks bump

Okay, I might not look much bigger than 12wks in this pic, but I feel a lot bigger! Everyday, my tummy is feeling more and more foreign to me! My skin's getting tighter, and so are my clothes! However, I'm not one to hide a pregnant belly--I'm not going to suddenly start wearing flowy shirts when my more form-fitting ones still stretch across my belly just fine. I say, rock the belly!

Hubby came back from a four-night deer-hunting trip in Kansas last night, thank goodness. Although I call his trip deer-watching, because he didn't actually kill a deer. Hey, bow-hunting takes a lot more skill, blah, blah, blah! That's what he says. Thanks to Jay's cousins Tracy and Kourt for housing and feeding Jay and Preston. Can't wait until my first Mauck family Thanksgiving in Kansas!


Lissa said...

You are looking quite stunning, little momma!

Miss Browneyedgirlie said...

I say rock the bump, as well.

Congratulations again, btw :)