06 March 2006

SOSU ends season with heartbreaker

Hey, do I sound like a sportswriter or what? Well, our beloved SOSU men's basketball team ended their season in a disappointing loss to West Texas A&M Commerce last Friday. All the fans had such a great feeling about the game, because we'd played incredibly Tuesday, thereby securing our position as host for the rest of the tournament. All we gotta do is protect home court, right? Couldn't do it. We lost by two points as Robert "Auss" Aitken, the only senior on our team, bricked a three-pointer, which ended his scoreless evening. If that's not heartbreaking enough, let me push you over the edge to pathetic with this bit of locker-room gossip from Jay: After the game, Auss laid down on the FLOOR OF THE MEN'S LOCKER ROOM BATHROOM and bawled his eyes out! Okay, a) Who knows what kinds of diseases he'll be taking back down under with him after that decision, and b) Poor guy.

In good news though, God is blessing Northwest Church of Christ tremendously with Andy and Terri Burns, our new preacher and his wife! They have such love for Jesus and the church and the lost, it's really helping us grow. My favorite thought from Andy so far is this: Meeting with the church isn't the purpose of the church. Worship is our privilege, spreading the Gospel is our purpose.

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