22 March 2006

Back to the daily grind...

Oh, it stinks to be back... No I was definitely missing J, who stayed home to clean house (yeah right!) and fish. But vacation time was so sweet. I read a goofy chick lit novel that was most definitely not required reading, and I started Pride and Prejudice. Now I'm halfway through it and have had to stop to read a South African novel for my World Lit class... *sigh* C'est la vie.

Here's the official report of our trip: Taos, NM for three days of snow skiing. Jay didn't go because he doesn't want to risk hurting his knee. Next year we're going to learn to snowboard together, because I've heard that's easier on your knees.... any input on that? I'm just going on hearsay... The skiing was awful at first, and excellent the third day. The first day, we were skiing in a blizzard!! It was survival of the fittest, and I'm sorry to say, our group wimped out and went back down the mountain early. The next day, it was better, although the icy wind was still pretty brutal. The third day, the sun came out and smiled on us and our skiing (whoa, too much Native American lit for me!). These pics were both taken the third day. The first one is my sister, our cousin Dave's lovely, lots of fun wife, Liz, and me. The second one is my sister and brother pretending to have a crash. I don't think my sister has fallen skiing since her first trip, which was like 14 years ago. Me, I spend a little time on my rear still. Usually only at the end of a long day when my legs are tired and I hit some bumpy or icy spot, and I'm just like whatever, do I eat snow anymore. I hate that Jay will probably never see me doing this one athletic thing that I'm kind of good at...he had the audacity to tell me he thought I would be a conservative skiier! I handle the blues with the best of them, thank you very much!!

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You misspelled "marriage" in your profile description. Nice site though.