29 March 2006

It's my [work] party!

Check out my festive office, courtesy our student worker, Brittany, and my boss' son, Tyler--also two super-hip college kids who I like talking to! They couldn't find balloons, so they printed out pictures of balloons and taped them all over my office. And check out my adorable birthday doughnut!

The roses are from my darling hubby--I feel so loved! Last year I got a car detail as a birthday surprise, this year a dozen red roses...I never know what I'll get from him. He likes to do one surprise and then a few regular gifts.
Right after this picture was taken, another bouquet arrived! It said Gear Up office on it, and so for some reason I assumed it was from the office. I even thanked Paula and Leah Anne, my coworkers and they were like your welcome! Then I set it down in my office, pulled out the card (duh!) and it said from Dad and Sharonda...I went back in Leah Anne's office and was like, Don't worry guys, you don' t owe anybody anything, those were from my dad...Many laughs were had...ah, good times on my b-day.


Shannon Kubiak Primicerio said...

Happy birthday, Kim! And thanks for stopping by my blog :)

Audrey said...

Yeah Kim! Getting closer to 30!!!!! Hope you had a great day!