29 March 2008

Easter has come and gone...and no pics

Sorry guys. The week back from spring break ate my lunch. To top it off, I didn't have my camera with me at the Easter get-together at Nana and Grandad's, so no pics from that, either! That was the day of Jay's big fishing tournament in Madill, and he HAD to have the camera to take pictures of all FIVE of the fish he caught! Suffice it to say, Jay and partner Matt Ford did not win. They barely beat the newcomer team of Dave Smith Jr. and his five-year-old son!
Mom and Manda took a bunch of pics of Claire, but we'll see if I ever get copies of those.
Yesterday was my b-day--thanks everyone for birthday well wishes (Nothing like Facebook to remind you of friends' birthdays. I'm the worst about remembering, so I'm glad of it!). Jay took me shopping and out to lunch. Finally, he's thought of a way to please me and get himself out of finding a gift for me in advance! He bought me the complete Harry Potter set of hardbacks, since I've always borrowed Mom's. Several of my students will be thrilled to borrow Book 7, since our library doesn't have it yet.
Other than that, I'm just hoping I'll wake up and prom will be over! Three more weeks!

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E & L said...

Uhh I go back tomorrow. You are right the week back is HARD!! Just think...we are SO close to summer and all this end of year stuff being over.
Glad to hear your birthday was good...sounds like your hub did well by ya!
Claire looks just like you...I'm sure you get that all the time, but she does! She is beautiful just like her momma!