07 March 2008

Mostly better!

To answer my lovely commenters' questions, no, Claire never got the stomach bug, thank goodness. Even Diane, or Maw-Maw, had it, and Claire stayed at their house Wednesday evening when Jay and I were incapacitated. Thanks, Paw-Paw, for coming to the rescue with Pedialyte, chicken noodle soup, and baby-sitter service. As soon as Paul came and got Claire, at about 4 p.m., Jay and I went almost right to sleep, and slept until 9! I felt almost 100 percent when I woke up, but Jay was still a little sick yesterday, but is mostly better today.

I went to school yesterday, where we were again hit with a huge snowstorm, this time midday. Those poor juniors were out delivering and selling doughnuts in the freezing morning temps, but most got back before the bad weather hit. The reason I had to talk to so many parents on the phone is that we're not supposed to let kids leave school grounds without a note or talking to parents. I had permission slips ready to hand out Wednesday, but forgot to tell my sub to hand them out. Some kids remembered to have their parents write a note, but I still ended up saying variations of "Hi Jesse's dad! This is Mrs. Mauck. Can he go sell doughnuts today?" about 10 times.

They let us out of school at 2:30--oh thanks a lot, after five inches have already fallen! I had another scary drive, this time all the way from Caddo to Calera. It wouldn't have been so bad if those dang semis hadn't been driving at almost-regular speeds, splashing slush on my windshield every time they passed me! I made it all the way to Paul and Diane's driveway, by the mercy of God, and then got stuck! A neighbor of theirs, Wayne Carter, stopped and tried to direct me on how to accelerate myself out, to no avail. Although grateful for his helping me get my rear end out of oncoming traffic, I wasn't really sure how to take his directions like "Do you know how to hit the gas?" or when I said "My father-in-law's coming to get me; he's right there," "You're not going anywhere, someone's going to run you over!" Paul came and pulled me out, no questions asked. Again, Paw-Paw to the rescue! Jay drove over from home to drive Claire and I back home in his four-wheel drive.

Now I'm home for a built-in snow day, putting off the mountain of end-of-nine-weeks grading I need to do today. Yuck!

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Audrey said...

Wow! What a day! Happy 10 months Claire!