12 April 2008

Six weeks left...

Late Easter pic! Sis sent me some. Sorry I've been MIA in blogland in the past couple weeks. School is eating my lunch, with prom looming ever nearer. After next Friday night, I will breathe a huge sigh of relief...and then take a deep breath and try to get through the last month of school. The kids are already wild for summer. I'm told it's this time of year. Your prayers are much appreciated in this area!
Our little 11-month-old is a huge mess-maker. Since she took her first steps almost a month ago, she's been growing slowly more confident in her walking abilities, taking two or three steps one or two times a day. Usually though, she's too busy to slow down for walking!
She's also becoming ever more vocal, entertaining people in church with her "singing" and other squawks and sighs. Jay, Ma-Maw, and Pa-Paw have succeeded in teaching her what a cow says: "Mmmmm!" She also says "Ba" for ball and "Da" for dog, and "Mamamama" when she reeeeeally needs me.
Her fave foods are the kinds she can feed herself: sweet peas, buttered toast, peaches, grapes, chicken, fish, and turkey. She's not too big on the veggies, but we manage to get some down her everyday.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kim! I can't believe Claire is almost a year old. Time goes by fast! Well, we will see you soon! Maybe Katelyn and Claire can hang out sometime. Kim