05 March 2008

Weird week

Like my cousin Lissa, we have also had an off week:

1) Monday night, we got about five inches of snow. Forecasts said temps would get up to 50 by noon the next day, so I was hoping for a school delay...no such luck! I had to cross a frozen tundra to get to work. I would say about a fourth of my students didn't make this journey, and another fourth were gone to a curriculum meet, so I got very little done Tuesday anyway. As the snow was melting all day long, a bunch of the kids wanted to play in it some during the day, but WERE NOT ALLOWED! That's right, high school kids had to STAY ON THE SIDEWALK during morning and lunch: no snowballs, no running around in it, nothing. This is the kind of thing that makes kids hate school. The ironic thing? We have a snow day scheduled for Friday.

2) Early this morning, both Jay and I started feeling sick at 3 a.m. This was also the time that Claire woke up to eat. Jay brought her to me, but I realized pretty quickly I did not have time to feed her because my dinner was coming up. He took her back, but then realized he had the same feeling. He had to dump her in the living room floor on the way to the guest bathroom. Poor Claire was crawling around squalling while Jay and I were having a terrible time in the bathrooms. Weirdly enough, the same thing happened to us at six, only this time Claire slept peacefully through it, thank goodness. Jay and I both had big days today, days we shouldn't have missed, but what can you do? We both felt awful all day, but I think I'm better at least.

3) Tomorrow's Krispy Kreme delivery day, one of our Junior class fundraisers. I was supposed to hand out permission slips today, but forgot to tell my sub to do it, so now I'll probably be talking to about 30 parents on the phone tomorrow morning, hopefully before the first bell rings. Snow and rain are supposed to be moving in tomorrow again; I just hope it waits until all our kids are back, but the way this week is going so far...

4) And Patrick Swayze has pancreatic cancer! Explain to me why, at 55, he's still known as "the Dirty Dancing star." This story includes a two-paragraph summary of the movie.


Audrey said...

Yuck!! I hope you all are feeling better. Did Claire get it?

E & L said...

So how were the parents? Were they really calling like crazy? It always amazes me how they say I tried to get hold of you ALL Day and I say...well I was out sick and they just are astounded, like that possibility hasn't even occurred to them! :) I hope Claire didn't get it. Babies sick to their stomach is the worst!! I LOVE the pic of Claire with Granddad!

Paula said...

Sorry to hear you weren't feeling too good. I can't imagine that is any fun.
Are you the Junior Class sponosor? I was when I was teaching and I know how much fun is actually in a fundraiser, good luck selling the Krispy Kremes.