24 January 2008

Little Messpot!

My brother has jacked my camera battery, so this is an old picture that has no relation to this post, but I know my readers are not happy unless their visual sense is stimulated!

Claire is now a full-on messpot. If she's awake, she's crawling around and getting into stuff, mostly stuff she shouldn't get into. She's now put three pieces of dog food in her mouth, shut her fingers in drawers twice, and pulled every item out of my purse about 157 times. Hmmm...maybe this is just negligent parenting? When I get home from school, I have to just decompress on the couch for a while, and this is usually when she gets into most of her trouble. Also, I have to cook occasionally, and she's only happy in her high chair for so long, so she roams some then, too. Generally, I just leave everything she gets out on the floor until I've put her to bed, and then I (try to) put it all away before I go to bed, so it doesn't feel like we live in chaos. I feel like that enough at school.

In other news, the Burger Shoppe had a minor drama this morning. At their first scheduled large party breakfast (the Six Old Geezers, of which Pa Mauck is now a member!), they were fighting a small fire! Some rags that the cooks used to wipe a hot grill had been smoldering overnight in the trash can in the kitchen, causing the whole place to reek of smoke when the staff and the geezers arrived that morning. Jay and Preston battled the blaze while serving up some biscuits and gravy. What a talented man my husband is! The restaurant just started serving breakfast this month, and it's going pretty well so far. Jay and Preston just finished renovating it, too: two flat-screen TVs, a granite countertop where customers place orders, new lights over the tables, and all new paint jobs inside and out. Business is better than it's ever been at that little place, I'm proud to say!

We're supposed to get some freezing precip tonight, so I could get a surprise day off tomorrow!


Audrey said...

Hee Hee! I tagged you. Check out my blog for details!

E & L said...

I miss hearing Claire and Kim updates!!