16 January 2008


According to Claire's admirers, she is already good at sharing! She's taken to offering us bites of slimy Zwiebacks and sucks of her paci. It's pretty cute. When we accept, she gives her little impish grin.

Today, I was reading her nursery rhymes and when I did "Pat-a-Cake," she started clapping! That must be a Maw-Maw trick, because I hardly ever sing that song. She loves to clap, as you can see in the previous post, but I've mostly just seen her do it when she's happy.

She's now eating baby food about three times a day, albeit tiny portions. She appears to enjoy the first five or six bites, and then she'll take a couple force-fed bites, and then she refuses. Her faves seem to be pears, sweet potatoes, and this baby yogurt with fruit and cereal mixed in. She also loves to feed herself, and has since we first gave puffs to her about a month ago. She eats Zwiebacks, these weird rice rusk things, fruity Cheerios, and Gerber puffs.

Jay returns tonight from yet another trip to explore hunting land in Kansas. Yes, it's true. We have so much money just laying around that we have to invest it in things like recreational land six hours away. Isn't life grand?

School was actually really good today. I had a rousing debate with my seniors on the double standard that men like to apply with their wives: when Macbeth kills Duncan, it's Lady Macbeth's fault, but when he has victory on the battlefield, that's all Macbeth's doing. Gotta love these guys trying to provoke me and the other girls into a hissy fit! Tomorrow, I'm taking the seniors to see Beowulf at our little theater in Caddo. Baby steps for my first field trip!


Anonymous said...

Hey, I hear there is lots of hot property in KS!!! It is a buyer's market....

Enjoyed hearing about school, and of course, we love Claire stories. You know you're a mom when you can put a slimy Cheerio or paci in your mouth! Allie "fed" me a Cheerio within the first hour of being in my arms...I almost hesitated, but thankfully my mom gene kicked in and I pronounced it delicious!

Hope Beowulf was successful.

Love, Aunt Neila and Allie

E & L said...

YEA for a first field trip! I remember I was SO nervous about my first field trip.

Isn't it fun when they can actually pick things up and put them in her mouth??? It took Em a long time to master that, but once she had it, there was no going back!