13 January 2008

Happy Birthday to Jay!

Jay turned 30 last Thursday! Wow, we can't believe it. Look at Claire's fake smile in this pic! It looks like she knew she was supposed to make a certain face for the camera, but doesn't quite have it figured out. Since Jay had to work at the restaurant on his birthday and the next night, we ate at Bubba's last night with our families and constant companions, Seth and Kara. Since Claire can't say "Happy Birthday, Dad!" yet, I made her a shirt that said it!

Claire likes to stand at our back door and talk to the dogs.

And here she displays her new skill, clapping! She loves to clap! At both basketball games she's been to, she's clapped happily for the home team!

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Anonymous said...

awww, that looks like her christmas outfit at jay's bday! i like the fake smile too :)

aunt aship