19 November 2007

Wedding done!

Well, I left my camera at Mom's house, so I have no pics from the weekend with me! I really don't think I took many anyway; it was so crazy! I felt like we were kind of making up what we were doing as we went along, as I've never been to or helped plan a wedding in a home before! It's a different ballgame! When does everyone sit down? How do you get everyone to realize that it's now reception time, and cake and appetizers should be eaten? But it all turned out well, I think.

Tyler opened the ceremony by reading a little poem I wrote about his perspective on Grant joining the family. He did an excellent job, pausing at all the right moments, and smiling at the funny parts while the audience chuckled. Uncle Mike always does a great job with weddings, and this was no exception. Mom was so nervous, she could barely look up, but no one but the few of sitting in the room to the side of the ceremony knew that. My cousins Holly, Jenny, Mattie, and my their mom, my aunt Michelle, did a beautiful job singing "Listen to Our Hearts." And Claire only made a couple peeps! It was a beautiful, mild fall day, so we took pictures outside on the front porch, courtesy of cousin Cristy. Then we partook in wedding cake, courtesy Wendy Coley of Calera, who also did my wedding cake, German chocolate cake, courtesy Grant's mom Nita, cran-apple cinnamon punch, courtesy yours truly, and de-lish appetizers, courtesy Aunt Neila!

After Mom and Grant headed for their cabin in eastern Oklahoma, all us Pannells squatted at Mom's house to eat a yummy brisket dinner and watch the disappointing OU game. I ended up bailing to watch Ella Enchanted with the little girls, I'm sorry to say.

Today, I got Claire's 6-month pictures made at Sears, and they're so good! All readers should receive at least a wallet-sized pic next time we see ya! She wore a cute little red sweatshirt jacket and jeans with embroidered hearts, and also her fancy Christmas dress. Her outfit-making accessory was one of Audrey's adorable red Mini-Bling hairbows. You've got to check out her store, Lady Jane Bowtique. Any bow that will stick in Claire's hair is amazing, and they're also cute and affordable! Claire actually models in a few pics on the site!

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