14 November 2007

Milestones and sad news

In the past week, Claire has started a scooty-crawl, can push herself up to sitting, and can pull herself up to standing! She's well on her way to mobility, folks!
Last night and today, she got to play with cousins Carson and Kerrigan! Carson really enjoyed her, and Kerrigan liked watching her!
I'm so excited for Thanksgiving Break, which begins tomorrow night at 9 p.m.! I've got Parent-Teacher Conference until then! Yuck! Then it's a whirl of wedding planning Friday and wedding fun Saturday.
We were so sorry to hear about the death of a longtime Mauck family friend, Ray Crook today, of Mineral Wells, Texas. He was "Wild Man"'s dad, and we're so sad to think of how much Steve will miss his daddy.

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Jay Crook said...

Hey Kim,

Thanks for coming to the funeral. I am working on a . Please send any fishing photos of Dad. Thanks.