09 November 2007

Happy Halloween (even though it's almost Thanksgiving!)

Okay, this has been a crazy week, so I'm sorry to all. I got Claire a bunny costume for Halloween, but she didn't really wear it anywhere except on her quilt in the living room. Oh well. She'll really enjoy it next year, I'm sure.

We're trying to introduce foods to Claire, but most days, she's not a big fan. The last pic, she was actually pretty into her bananas, and seemed to like grabbing on to the spoon herself and putting it into her mouth. She didn't even care which end she ended up chewing on!

I think most of my readers know that my mom is getting married next weekend. We're so happy for Mom and Grant, and whirling around trying to get things sorted out for the ceremony and reception. We're so glad to have Aunt Neila helping us out, though!


Audrey said...

Cute! She looks so happy!

E & L said...

She's so pretty!! She looks like yours and Amanda's baby pics. I really wish we could come this weekend. I would love to be there so much!! I will be sad to not be there. :(