26 November 2007

First-Time Mom Syndrome

Today when I took Claire to the doctor, she was diagnosed with a little cold, I diagnosed myself with First-Time Mom Syndrome.

I didn't think I was going to be one of those moms who rushed her daughter to the doctor for the smallest sniffle, but it appears I am. I would read some letter to an advice columnist in a Parenting magazine like this: "I've taken my daughter to the doctor twice, only to find out she's just teething. How do I tell the difference between regular teething pains and a legitimate sickness?" and scoff secretly at those moms. How silly! Do these moms have nothing better to do? Then I see what it feels like to have a suffering child who can't tell you what hurts or how bad it hurts or why she's waking up three or four times in the night. I stayed home from work today, scheduled Claire a doctor's appointment, only to find out this afternoon that she has a little cold. I've become one of those moms!

Yesterday evening, she became very congested, and when I used the aspirator bulb, I got lots of thick, yellowish-green snot. Then her eyes started running. Baby book says that's a reason to go the doctor. Turns out she's going to be fine, no prescription drugs needed! We're very thankful it's not an infection or the flu, but a tiny part of me wishes my worries had been justified: I guess I wanted to hear that it was good I brought her in, diagnosing it early will make for an easy treatment to stave off the illness. Instead, I feel like a worrywart and a hookey-player, and Claire is still stuffy and fussy. Oh well, six and a half months with no sickness is a pretty good record! Thank you, Lord!


Audrey said...

Don't worry! We all do it and you'll no doubt do it again. Something in your head hears the dr say, good thing you brought her in before it got too bad. K started a runny nose and cough last night. I was hoping we could stave it off, but it doesn't look like it.

E & L said...

I think you did the right thing, cuz!! I've done that too and when little babies are sick, they need their mama! Even if it's just a cold!