13 October 2007

She's about to take off!

The reason this pic is a little blurry is that Claire is in motion. She sits up like this for about two wobbly seconds, and then tumps over softly. She's about to be able to do it on her own.

The remote is one of her favorite toys; it's one we've never used, and doesn't work, but it still lights up when she presses a button.

In nutrition news, she's still a completely breastfed baby. I've tried rice cereal two or three times in the past couple weeks, and she never seems very interested. I've read that babies don't need anything but milk until six months, but some babies are ready to eat before then. She's always mesmerized when she sits in someone's lap who's eating, and she'd doubled her birth weight, two signs the baby could be ready for eating. But the most she really does is try to chew on the spoon.

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