23 October 2007

Look at me!

I am becoming more expressive and independent everyday. Yesterday, Mommy recorded me sitting up all by myself for one minute and 30 seconds, miraculously distracting her from Dancing with the Stars for that long! (She tried to post the video without success.)

I've also started reaching out for people when I want them to hold me. It's so nice to be able to tell people who I want! Today when Mommy came and got me from Great-Aunt Clara's house, I practically leaped to Mommy!

This weekend, my great-uncle Matt and second cousin Mattie rocked me to sleep at Nana and Grandad's house. It was very nice.

Also, my uncle Kyle has a new website. His voice always gets my attention. Every time he talks, I either stare wide-eyed or start crying. He's a little frightening.


Kyle said...

woo woo u mentioned my site, and everyone will love it

Kyle said...

yes check out my amazing site