21 October 2007

Little scooter

I bought a huge quilt over the weekend; Claire's baby blankets won't contain this scooter. She ends up with a mouthful of carpet, my hair, and hopefully not cricket guts when she scoots off her blanket.
Fall Break has been wonderful: I've spent a good 12 hours grading 9 weeks tests and papers, but I've also gotten to do a little antique shopping, had my hair cut and colored, clean house, and spend an afternoon at Nana and Grandad's watching OU pull out a too-narrow victory.
If I had four-day weekends every week, I think I would be able to strike a pretty good balance between work, sleep, family, and housework!
One month until Thanksgiving Break! In between now and then, it's The Canterbury Tales with my seniors, memoir writing with my juniors, short story reading and poetry writing with my sophomores, and who knows what with my freshmen (I've got some planning to do).

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not so zen momma said...

Hi Kim! It is Brooke from OKT. I discovered your blog after finding out one of my close friends is friends with your sister-in-law. Claire is beautiful, and seems much more mobile than our six-month-old, Van!