14 May 2007

Graduation/Mother's Day weekend!

Okay, so these pics have nothing to do with either of the above-mentioned events, mostly because I left my camera at Nana and Grandad's house after Kyle's graduation day lunch.

The first pic is of Claire's first bath. She's gotten into the habit of wetting two or three towels per bath; her little way of revolting against this awkward procedure. The second pic is of my cousins Dani Rose and Holly with Claire at Nana and Grandad's house. She slept soundly most of the day, even though she was passed from hand to hand.

Congrats to my brother Kyle, who graduated the salutatorian Saturday! I wish I could have gone, but recovery from birth kept me at Mom's house, prepping it for company.

Great news; I got a job! This fall, I'll be a middle school English and reading teacher at a nearby small school. I actually had two job offers yesterday, and had to choose between them! That's a good problem to have.

Claire's one-week doctor's appointment was yesterday, and she gained 12 ounces since discharge from the hospital, putting her at 7lbs, 13oz. Everything else looked good, so we don't have to go back until she's 8wks old!

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Kyle said...

Thanks kim for the congrats!

P.S. Angelica is in the living room playing my Wii and everytime she makes a good move she screams... I'm about to scream