25 May 2007

First bath

Claire had her first bath day before yesterday, after her umbilical cord stump fell off. She now has a perfect little belly button! Since Daddy was on the phone then, these pictures are actually from her second bath. She likes this kind of bath much better than the sponge bath, which I think must have been fairly uncomfortable for her. In this tub, the hammock kind of cradles her in the warm water.

I'm up to 20lbs lost, 10 more to go!

Have a great Memorial Day weekend, everyone!


E & L said...

AWESOME on the weight loss!! You are doing SO well!
And Claire is just beautiful! I know you are enjoying her!
Not sure I've told you congrats yet on the job, but WAY TO GO!

Steph said...

I have that tub, too! It is great and the little nonslip seat will be handy for you soon. Now I just hook the sling on the top two hooks as a pillow. I hope you are hanging in there...the first month can be a bear!

Anonymous said...

OK...I've checked every day for new pics of this little girl...Allie says Claire the minute the blog pops on the screen...and we are overdue! C'mon Mom!! You look great; hope you continue to drop weight and feel well. Is your job at my alma mater??? Love, Aunt Neila

E & L said...

We need some more Claire pics!!