04 May 2007

40wks+ belly pic!

Alright you (meaning Audrey!) asked for it, here's a belly pic! You can really tell how much I've dropped I think. I feel like she's about to fall out. It was pretty funny going to eat at Chili's last night, and whenever people asked me my due date (three), I got to say "Yesterday, actually." To our server, I said, "You'd better consult your 'How to Deliver a Baby' server handbook." This is pretty much how I've been feeling for the past couple days. I considered putting on make-up and real clothes on, but then I thought, hey if my awesome cousin Lissa can post a pic of her after successfully running a mini-marathon, I can post a pic of me after sleeping half the morning, going for my Little Bell-come-on-out walk, and midday shower. You'd think this spa-type schedule would have me looking fresh and rejuvenated. Not so much, when I can't sleep at night and don't have enough to keep me busy during the day. I'm trying to clean the house in little bursts of nesting energy (haven't had the full-on, scrub-the-floors-and-baseboards-all-day nesting instinct yet), and I'll probably lay out this muggy afternoon and do some reading (a combination of Emma, The Birth Book, The Baby Book, and teaching book In the Middle).


Anonymous said...

good grief! You HAVE dropped!! Lissa :)

Audrey said...

Yeah! Man, she is LOOOOOW! Be sure if you lay out you don't expose your belly. I did that on our cruise with Carson, OUCH! Then the itching starts! Still waiting!

Miss B said...

My colleague - whose classroom I'll be taking over shortly - is due on the 25th.

We're all thinking she probably won't last that long.

It's Baby Fever - hopefully Little Miss Mauck makes an appearance soon!

Anonymous said...

that picture cracks me up. as you know i'm anxiously waiting!