02 May 2007

Another day, no baby yet!

Well, I again went to sleep last night expecting to wake up in the night with contractions, water breaking, or something. Nothing! I even managed to go to my last graduate class of the semester last night, giving my classmates some degree of anxiety and excitement, I think. I tried my best to wait to break to get up to use the bathroom, because I knew if I got up during class, everyone would think I was going into labor or something. Sure enough, when I felt about ready to explode, I got up, told a classmate I was just going to use the restroom, but was still asked by three people when I got back if I was okay.

Also, I have a job interview this morning, my third with a big pregnant belly! My mom suggested I stand for the interview, as your water is more likely to break when you're getting up from sitting or, even more likely, lying down. HA!

I'm sort of proud I made it to my due date, after all the naysayers have been shaking their heads in doubt for the past EIGHT WEEKS whenever I mentioned how much longer I had to go. So there, naysayers!

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