05 June 2006

Summer Camp is under way!

So our GEAR UP campers are taking the ACT right now, so I'm back at the office for a few hours. It's been crazy so far, and waaay too disorganized for my taste, but still we've got a great group of kids who make me excited about teaching high school.

Over the weekend, my mom, sister, and cousin Dani Rose and I all went to see Little Women the musical in Dallas. I LOVE that book, but next to 1776 the musical (a musical story of the first Continental Congress), it was the most boring stage production I've ever seen. Amy was doing a subpar imitation of Kirsten Dunst the whole time (remember, Dunst played Amy in the GREAT film adaptation), Laurie was childish and pompous, and Professor Bhaer had what sounded like a clipped Indian accent. What should have been a fun girls trip turned into a snorefest. I basically watched the movie in my head, picturing the beautiful Christian Bale as Laurie and the spot-on Winona Ryder as Jo.

Sorry bout all the griping. Here's an example of how celeb-savvy (crazy?) my mom is: we were all trying to remember who played Meg in the movie (because the others are easy: Dunst as Amy, Ryder as Jo, and Claire Danes as poor Beth), and Mom popped off with, "Isn't it Trini Alvarado?" Who??! Guess what? She was right!

Bottom line on Little Women? See the movie.

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