13 June 2006

Ride a little horsey, don't fall down!

Hey check me out, conquering my secret fears! Last week at camp, one of our evening activities was a Western playday at the SOSU Equestrian Center. I wore my urban cowgirl boots and everything but had absolutely no intentions of straddling one of those beautiful beasts. I rode horses when I was younger, but because I haven't in so long, I had this kind of subconscious fear of them. I'd love to ride again, only with my family and/or close friends, so that if I burst into tears or fall off or something, it's the people who love me who will laugh at me, not total strangers (does that make any sense at all?). Anyway, that was my thinking last week, but Jay's buddy Seth, who was also one of our camp counselors, made a big deal out of me trying it, so I did it. And I didn't get kicked in the face or thrown off by the horse or slide out of the saddle! I did it!

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