22 June 2006

Low posting...sorry

Sorry about the lack of posting in the last couple weeks...I've been studying for the Teacher Certification tests, and so have had several teaching ephiphanies. If you want to see what's been going on inside my head, you can check out my other blog.

But back to the present: last weekend (almost a week ago I guess), Kyle, Audrey, and Carson came down (Jay's brother, his wife, and their adorable almost-two-year-old son), and so we hung out at the Mauck manor quite a bit. This pic is of me reeling in a fish that Jay caught. (What I call a pity reel--I can't catch anything, so Jay lets me reel his in.) It's actually a good-sized catfish, caught at one of Paul and Diane's ponds. Also pictured are the back of Diane's head, holding Carson, and little Spike, who was recently injured. That's my camera dangling from my wrist, but I have yet to upload the pics I took last weekend. Anyway, thanks for the picture in the meantime, Audrey!

Wish me luck on my tests this weekend: the Oklahoma General Education Test and the Oklahoma Subject Area Test in Journalism. I'm really most nervous about getting up on time: for the second time this week, I'll have to leave the house before 6:30 a.m.! (This is waaaay too early for me.) Yesterday, I rode with Paul and Diane to OKC, where we all had engagements: I had a daylong training seminar, Paul had a meeting at the zoo, and Diane had a doctor's appointment. My meeting was a bit superficial and boring, Paul's was a little boring, but he got to look at the seal tank the whole time, and Diane got good news back at the doctor. Plus, we ate at Red Lobster and made a stop at Westies shoes! Yay!

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