25 May 2006

[Not] Working

I kind of feel like I'm working in The Office sometimes. Inappropriate remarks. Petty behavior. Zero productivity. With all women in the office, you never know what we're going to end up talking about. With two of them new grandmas, our group conversations often go back to motherhood and grandmotherhood, which inevitably leads to asking the other young married girl and myself when we plan on having kids. I never realized how inappropriate this question is until I'd been asked it. Ten. Times. A. Week. Yesterday I walked into my boss' office where everyone was congregating to hear the most recent dramatic episode in our coworker's personal life, and I felt a little dizzy. I'd popped up out of my chair so fast after staring at my computer for an hour or so and raced into my boss' office when she yelled, "Kim get in here, Granny's about to tell her story!" Granny immediately asked, "Are you okay?" I replied with my earlier reasoning. "Are you pregnant?" she responded. Good grief! If I am pregnant, you guys will know in good time, okay?! I was a bit flustered, and responded a little too uncertainly, with an "I don't think so." Granny replied, "Have you been exposed?" like fertile males just radiate with potent sperm. Hahahahaha. And so I sit here blogging, documenting the inappropriate remarks on my personal blog. Here at The Office. (Oh, how I'll miss the new JAM moments over the summer....)


Anonymous said...

I miss the Office too! I CRIED in the last episode. I just love Jim and Pam!!!
I used to get asked a lot too. Here is a good response..."Are you pregnant?" Sound really surprised and say, "NO! ARE YOU???" This especially works well if the person is old.
I have news for you. It doesn't stop after you have one! The other day one of the moms of the students I teach was like, "Are you pregnant again" when I said I was hungry!! I was like Um no, I have a 10 WEEK OLD!!!!! Let's give it some time okay? :)

Kim said...

Ha! I can't believe someone would ask you that!! I'm definitely going to try that response next time.