15 May 2006

JAM moment!

Bear with me dear readers: the following post will have only a contrived and superficial tie to being a newlywed. But I MUST gush about the season finale of The Office. JAM! FINALLY! GOT! TOGETHER! We went from completely heartbreaking in the parking lot, to utter bliss in, where else, the office. Jim's confession to Pam of his true feelings was so true to life, so touching. "I just need you to know. Just once." And Pam looking completely shell-shocked--"What am I supposed to say to that?" and then, giving perhaps a glimpse to her true feelings, "I can't. I can't." So complicated and so touching. The first time I watched it, I was squealing, covering my eyes, shouting at Pam--it was like a scary movie! The second time, I cried! (And I wasn't even PMSing!) Of course, me crying while watching TV translates to Jay as a cue to enter the room. It doesn't matter what show it is, if there is a touching moment, Jay will enter the room and interrupt my little moment of cathartic tears and vicarious emotion. Drat that hubby for scorning my emotion! Anyway, I love that Pam called her mom after THE BIG MOMENT--so realistic. Then the last scene--oh, I melted.

But hold the phones, folks! How on earth can Jim and Pam be a couple when they work together? I'd hate to see one of them quit Dunder-Mifflin so they can be together, but John Krasinski is moving into the realm of film (with six, count 'em, SIX films coming out in the next year!), so will he be leaving his position as sales rep? Who will put Dwight's calculator in a Jell-O mold or move his entire desk and computer into the men's bathroom? Who will make moony eyes at Pam while she whiles away her hours at the reception desk? Never has a comedy had such an effective cliffhanger ending!!

P.S. Sorry Lissa, but this uncertain love affair is waaay better than that annoying, sex-driven relationship of Ross and Rachel!

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