22 May 2006

Early retirement for Hubby

Jay has resigned from both his positions at the college: Assistant Men's Basketball Coach and Head Men's Golf Coach. Why would he drop such fun, easy positions, you ask? Because my hubby wants something more, that professional satisfaction and gratification I myself have so desperately been seeking. He will be devoting himself full-time to his homebuilding business, SunView Homes, LLP. (They have a pretty cool website that one of Jay's college buddies did for them.)

I'm really happy for him, because he loves that business: meeting with people, helping them get into a quality house at a reasonable price, being outside a lot (riding his Bobcat and burning stuff, especially!), and working with his best friend (besides me of course), Preston. He and Preston are a great team, a perfect yin and yang. Preston's very logical, but he can also dream big. Jay's very abstract, and has big ideas. Their personal skills are perfect for this kind of sales, too.

BUT, the downside is, now I have to work. This is the first time in my life that my income is actually very necessary. In college, I worked hard and long at the school newspaper, but my income barely paid my monthly cell phone bill, let alone tuition, rent, or other bills. Then after graduation, I got married and Jay was working full-time, we lived in a very affordable rent house (conventiently owned by J's parents), and I was free to pursue writing, school, real estate, whatever caught my fancy. My current education/PR job at the college is my first full-time, professional job sinc e graduation in May of 2004; I've only had this job since December of last year. Reality is finally popping my little dreamworld bubble!

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