31 January 2011

Monday things

Mom's 50th B-day party!! It was a driving force of my week last week, but I couldn't mention it, because of course it was a SURPRISE! All of her siblings made it, plus her church friends, in-laws, and even an old friend from high school she hasn't seen in quite a while. Amanda did a GREAT job with decorations, including a timeline banner of Mom's life. And the memory book I put together with pics and memories from family, children, and friends made her tear up and laugh out loud and just smile in pleasant reflection so mission accomplished.

But then Anna got sick Saturday night! :( So I stayed home from church Sunday with her. I guess it was just a quick little stomach bug though, b/c she only threw up twice Saturday night and then was just sluggish on Sunday.

I have a bunch of papers to grade (And guess what, students? Asking me about them doesn't make me go any faster!).

Jay and I are supposed to stay a night at the Choctaw Resort Hotel this week for an Oklahoma Today article, but I'm really worried about how Anna will do since she's not weaned yet! I'm afraid if she woke up in the early morning, no one but me could get her back to sleep! Oh well, Papaw gets up early with their new puppy every morning anyway! ;)

Claire quotes:
Me: "Where could the remote be?" Claire: "It's a mystery!"
Me: "You have to pick up your Pollys first." Claire: "Okay, but it'll be a long journey!"
Claire: "Here, drink this potion." (I shrink and start meowing.) Claire: "No, it didn't turn you into a cat; it turned you into a giraffe!"
We were playing "Name that Tune" for the first time, where I would hum a song and she would guess what it was. She kept calling it "Huma" instead of humming for some reason. I think she was thinking about the High School Musical 2 song "Huma Huma." Obscure reference, I know. But she would say, "Okay your turn to huma!"

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