24 January 2011

Anna at ONE YEAR!

Holy cow, I think time starts going doubly fast when you have two kids! Here's a snapshot of our baby girl right now (I'll add her current weight and height after we go to her one-year doc appt Thursday):

Weight: 17.13 lbs (wearing mostly 12 month clothes)
Height: 27 1/4 inches
Percentile: Fifth for height and weight!! Yikes! She hasn't gained any weight in the past two months! BUT the doctor said not to worry about it, b/c she's developing fine in all other respects. I don't get it; the girl eats ALL THE TIME! But Claire dipped in her weight when I weaned her, so once Anna warms up to milk from a cup, we're hoping she starts fattening up a little.
Clothing size: 12 months
Shoe size: 3
Diaper size: 3 (guess we'll be in this one until potty-training--Claire was)
Sleeps: 12-13 hours at night, but I think she is cutting out her morning nap! Yikes! Afternoon nap is about 2hrs.
Eats: EVERYTHING! I'm weaning her, so she's nursing just two times in a 24-hour period. She loves any table food. Some plain ol' baby foods, she'll throw on the floor in protest, but give her anything that we're eating, and she will eat it up! (recently, we've tried beans and rice at a Mexican restaurant, chili and cornbread, baked beans, cinnamon rolls, turkey bacon, the list goes on!)
Mobility: favors walking, and has for the past month or so. She only crawls if she's super-frustrated with her shoes. LOVES to climb: stepstools, stairs, in the empty dishwasher, and on top of Claire's little chairs. When she gets up high, she stands and does her little knee-bouncing dance.
Talking: she mostly still just says "dada!" She also sort of says "dog," but it seems like she calls Claire and I both "da" and Jay "dada."
Other skills: clapping, washing her hands (rubs her hands together when I tell Claire to wash her hands or when we put on lotion or hand sanitizer), aforementioned knee-bouncy dance when she's excited or hears music
Likes: Seeing daddy come in the door, her bunny-lovey, watching Sister dance or run or act silly, taking baths with Sister, looking at lift-the-flap or touch-and-feel books, making MESSES!

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