06 February 2011

Blizzard 2011

Oh, were you thinking I would have pictures of this? Nope, just thoughts. The girls and I were stuck inside for four days last week, which seemed like FOREVER! Friday (or was it Thursday? It's all a blur now) we finally got a nice, soft snow and the temperatures weren't so frigid, so we ventured outside for the first time. Jay was out everyday for at least a few hours except for Tuesday, since he has four-wheel drive. So here's what us girls did:
  1. Cleaned house (well, that was just me)
  2. Watched movies: Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesses, Prince Caspian, and Despicable Me, and Jay and I watched 50 First Dates and Shallow Hal.
  3. Made a huge breakfast everyday (Jay participated in these too, of course): pumpkin pancakes and biscuits and gravy were the best ones.
  4. Made too many sweets: peanut butter cookies, peach cobbler, and quite a bit of hot cocoa.
  5. Made paper snowflakes (had to watch a youtube video to refresh myself)
  6. Graded papers (also just me)
  7. Played Hi-Ho Cherry-O and Cranium Cariboo with Claire
  8. Dragged Anna around in the wagon in the snow; made a snow fort with Claire (well, she just kind of approved of each bucketful of packed snow).
Basically, we tried not to go crazy living inside the same 1500 square feet for about 100 hours. Thank goodness we had power and plenty of food the whole time.

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