30 April 2010

Getting close to summer!

I have two weeks of school left!! I will be so glad when I've got my grades turned in and can start chilling with my girls! Even though my mom won't have a pool until (maybe) later this summer, like we've been used to, I'm still so excited about summer. I'm going to start working out with a friend, write everyday, and play with my girls!

Anna is just starting to fill out and look like she has some physical capability besides lying there and looking adorable. She just started pushing herself up on her elbows really good today and she is still flipping over really fast and then fussing about it, as she's not a fan of tummy time (although she sleeps really good on her belly). She's also found her hands, and loves shoving them both in her mouth at once, as you can see in that second pic with Uncle Ty. We love living so close to both sets of grandparents; Mom and Ty usually drop by our house one weeknight every week, whenever they're in town.

Claire's croup is almost totally gone; she still has a couple nasty coughing fits a day. Once she starts, it's tough for her to stop, unless she sits still and drinks something. We go back for a re-check Monday, and her 3-year-old immunizations.

Claire is already transitioning to no naps at all, unless she feels bad or had a super late night. I've figured out that if we can get her in bed by 8:30, and she can sleep until 8 or so, she can do fine without a nap.

Excited for a chill Saturday tomorrow! (You know you're busy when you're excited to chill.)

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