05 May 2010

Claire quotes

Jay drew a bow and arrow on the Magna Doodle tonight, and Claire said, "I'd like to get a bow and arrow someday!" I said, "What would you do with it?" Claire "Go like this and shoot things." Jay: "You going to shoot a deer?" Claire: "I'm going to shoot a deer. And eat it for dinner."

Me (bemoaning my fourth trimester): "None of my clothes FIT me!" Claire: "You'll just have to wear Daddy's clothes!"

Me: "How about this shirt, Claire?"
Claire: "No, it doesn't match my panties!"

Mother's Day is coming up, so I explained to Claire that we got presents for Mamaw, because she is Daddy's mommy. Claire's response: "No, he's our daddy, we get to keep him!"

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