20 April 2010

Happy 3 months Anna (one day late)!

Our new baby girl Anna Jae is three months old!! And yesterday, she rolled over for the first time, from her back to her belly! Go Anna! Now every time I lay her down on a blanket, she flips over, and then starts fussing. Guess she doesn't like the feeling of having her arm caught underneath her and her nose smashed into the floor.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to plan Claire's third birthday party, which is only two and a half weeks away! By trying to plan I mean that I have GREAT ideas, and have bought the paper to make the invitations. That is it. Getting on the ball is really on the top of my list of things to do.

I did two phone interviews today, my first time to do any since Anna came along. One went well, and the other, not so well. During the first one, with an aeronatics engineer (so I was having a hard enough time understanding anything he said), Anna started fussing on the floor, so I picked her up and propped her up to sitting between my legs while I held my phone between my shoulder and cheek and typed with both hands. And no, Anna cannot sit on her own yet. So she wobbled around while I listened, typed and asked questions for all I was worth, until the inevitable happened: she wobbled forward into the table and bonked her little head on it. I had warned my interview subject that I had two little ones home with me today (I usually tell them that, and say it like it's a special occasion, even though it's really everyday), but he just kept right on talking while Anna wailed. Didn't get many quotes during those moments. Also during that interview, Claire was trying to get herself dressed, and kept asking me for help in a stage whisper (I had told her to be quiet while I was talking on the phone.) During the next interview, I was sure to clarify that I actually meant no talking, not just to be quiet. This time though, Anna wasn't quiet, but it wasn't with crying, thankfully. She laid in my lap and cooed loudly the entire time, but the investing consultant never commented on it.

We all took a walk on this beautiful afternoon down to the pond at the end of our road and did Claire's favorite activity: throwing rocks in while making up an elaborate story about the reasons for what we did. Red Riding Hood had fallen in the pond, and sharks were going to get her if we couldn't throw in enough flowers that transformed magically into a rope when we said the magic word. Then we threw rocks at the shark. Then we decided that wasn't working, so we just started making wishes on the rocks that we threw in.

I wished for good cinnamon rolls, because that's what we're working on right now, making my first-ever batch of homemade cinnamon rolls!! Pioneer Woman, don't steer me wrong (because it's obviously all her fault if they don't turn out good ;). Wish me luck!

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Audrey said...

You can't go wrong with PW's rolls. They are fantastic. I've frozen them too and they turned out great. It was great seeing you guys this weekend. We had a great time!