11 July 2009

Potty trained girl!

Well, we're pretty much there! After three days of mostly staying home and changing a bunch of panties, our little girl is going potty like a big girl! Yesterday, she just had two little dribbling accidents, and one was my fault b/c she told me she needed to go, but I didn't believe her, b/c she'd just been like 30 minutes before! The other time, she told me she needed to go, but she tried to put on her flip-flops before running in there! This morning, we were both "working" on the computer--me on the laptop and her on her Baby Einstein computer, and she told me she needed to go, but said, "I need to work on 'puter," so she ran in to the bathroom with it, and then continued to punch buttons while she pee-peed!

We've had several triumphs of potty-training, and several majorly frustrating moments--she told me she needed to go while riding in the car Thursday, and waited until we stopped, got her and her potty out and then went on the potty, her panties staying dry the whole time! But then this morning when she got out of bed, she totally wet down her pajama pants as she was walking to our bedroom. Last night in the middle of the night though, she woke up and said, "I need to go pee-pee" and went in the potty and then went back to bed. So we're definitely still working on it, but I'm very proud of her!


Amanda said...

congrats to the mom and bebe! claire is such a workaholic, taking the computer to the potty!

look forward to seeing you next week!

Audrey said...

way to go Claire! You are brave doing it before your trip.

Lissa said...

WAY TO GO CLAIRE!!! Love the potty shots. It's always good to multitask.