20 July 2009

Great times on Lake Texoma!

Whew, what a great weekend! Every year, the Maucks have a big family get-together for a week on Lake Texoma. Lots of fishing, swimming, great food, and visiting! All the little kids loved it--there was a street in between the Maucks' campsites, and they kept it busy with bikes, trikes, and Big Wheels. We also kept a bunch of dump trucks in a pile of rocks and dirt over to the side. Between that and the giant water trampoline that the guys anchored in the middle of the our little inlet, the kids had a great time.

At our lake church service Sunday, we had 39 people present (and four had to leave early--missed ya, Gail, John, Raegen, and Lauren!). It's always so awesome to worship with family you don't see very often in God's creation!

Of course, I only get pictures of the cute kids, and not any of Jay and I, the adults, or the fish!

PaPaw with his youngest two granddaughters.

Claire coloring with her third cousin, Logan.

Claire and Katelyn enjoying an evening boat ride.

Claire, Katelyn, and Katelyn's first cousin (Claire's third), Dylan.

Claire, Kerrigan, and Katelyn play with the trucks!

Carson gives Claire a hand on the trike! She can reach the pedals on this one, but she still can't figure out how to push.


Lissa said...

These are VERY cute pics! Looks like a great time. Tonight guess what I realized? In your profile pic on Blogger, I thought that is so weird that she put a pic of her mom and Claire on there. BUT I REALIZED just tonight...that's YOU!!! I guess I hadn't looked closely but you guys look SO much alike in that pic! How come I haven't seen any pics of your growing belly lately?

Lissa said...

What is UP with no beach pics yet? I've been looking forward to seeing them!