13 July 2009

Our little stinker

A sampling of some of Claire's new habits:

  • Wiping kisses off (with a big mischevious grin!)
  • Saying "I go pee-pee," watching me leap into action, and then saying (again, with a mischievous grin), "No!"
  • Banging her fork on the table, saying "I play drum!" When I tell her to eat, she replies, "I just playing."
  • Feigning deafness when I tell her to come here. (She must have caught that one from her daddy;)
  • Other, far less endearing responses to various orders and requests--some that come dangerously close to fit-throwing. If she crumples on the floor or starts crying to get her way, I usually just have to start the good ol' 1-2-3 count in that ominous-mommy tone, and she says, "I do it!" after 1.


not so zen momma said...

Van waits until after two and the first sound of three to spring into action. Boys!

Congratulations on your one on the way. We'll keep you in our prayers.

Audrey said...

so cute! Kerrigan has started wiping kisses off too, just like her brother with an ewwwwww. When Carson is doing something she doesn't want him to do, she starts counting 1-2-3. Silly girls!

Brooke Walters said...

How Cute!! Love your blog, Kim!

Amanda said...

haha claire is developing her sense of humor! love it!

Lissa said...

I love little stinkers! Even though it can try your patience, you'd rather them have some spunk than just be compliant all the time. (I tell myself this OFTEN with Emma! :))